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Embracing truth, embracing change.

Counseling coaching and yoga for millennials with trauma

Here at Satya Counseling & Yoga, I specialize in supporting millennials with past trauma as they navigate through life’s many transitions and increase their life satisfaction. With 12 years of clinical experience and my practice as a yoga teacher, I am able to support you with a variety of tools from evidence based practices and body-centered interventions. In time you will deepen your connection with self, others and your unique purpose.

Who are you?

 If life transitions, such as changes in relationship status, career prospects, relocation, pregnancy or grief and loss, are leaving you feeling unmasked and unsure of yourself, then you may need an expert in your corner! Get realigned with your unique strengths and present opportunities so that you don’t miss out any longer on the future you have long desired. 

You have put in too much grind and invested way too much in yourself to stop short of your goals now. Rather than looking back years from now and wondering “What if?,” you can have the confidence to take the right big risks at the right time and reap the rewards of your personal growth. 

Your past may have shaped you in certain ways, but it does not define you or your possibilities. You need to come fully alive for your own personal satisfaction, and when you do, the whole world around you benefits, too! If you’d like to know how, contact me today! 

We will set up your free consultation to give you a taste of how I work and whether we would be a great fit. I can’t wait to help you leave your mark on the world and obtain the joy that you might not have thought possible. Here’s to embracing truth and embracing change!

My Services

I offer online therapy and online coaching to individuals residing in Washington D.C., Maryland, New Mexico and outside of the U.S. Coming soon to Virginia!

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The Satya Approach

In the philosophy of yoga, Satya is one of the Yamas, or inner restraints, that explores truthfulness. While the idea of authenticity appeals to most of us, the actual practice of truth-telling often requires a great deal of courage. 

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“To one established in truthfulness, actions and their results become subservient.”

— – The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sutra II.36
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Linda Sanderville, LCSW, RYT-200

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker in Washington D.C., Maryland and New Mexico.

200-Hour Registered Yoga Teacher.