Woah, how did we get here? You're too smart for this, right? Right. And yet, let's assess- you're pinning, they're uncommitted and the majority of your inner circle is giving you side-eye about the whole thing . So what happened?

1. You let fantasy define your reality rather than the facts

Fantasy isn't always a bad thing. After all, if we didn't daydream every once in a while, we might never aspire to something more.

In part 1 of The Satya Approach, I spoke with you about how the reluctance to engage truth and/or reality is creating a barrier to the life that you desire for yourself. I wanted to give you a wake up call to start things off, because burying your head in the sand simply isn’t cutting it anymore. And, really, you just deserve better. Here in part 2 I want to offer a few practicals for increasing your ability to work within reality to achieve the things that you want.