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Linda Sanderville, LCSW, RYT-200

Hi! So a little more about me. I am originally from the Washington D.C. metro area, but currently live in New Mexico with my husband and newborn son. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Social Work from Columbia University, and extensive training in evidence based trauma treatment. A portion of my training was obtained when I returned to D.C. after grad school and worked for several years with children and teenagers in the foster care system, as well as adults of all ages who had suffered various forms of trauma in their lives. I helped to establish the evidence-based trauma program at the agency where I worked, and supervised several clinicians who carried on this endeavor after my departure.

I later gained experience working with military families, as well as providing Dialectical Behavior Therapy [DBT] for individuals living with challenging emotional disorders. Using evidence based treatments in my work with clients has allowed me to witness meaningful periods of growth in the lives of individuals and families. For this reason, I hold a lot of confidence for what can be regained even when we have experienced incredible loss. My career journey has also allowed me to more clearly identify all the resources I have drawn on in my own healing, further increasing my ability to aid those who seek out my specialized services.

My path into yoga has inspired me to a deeper appreciation of the human body and our need for constant nourishment, both physically and spiritually. As someone on her own post-traumatic growth journey, I have benefited greatly from the union of body and breath in my yoga practice. Yoga has created another space for me to learn more about my fullness and flaws, while deepening my acceptance of self. Experiencing the surprising impact of what I assumed would simply be a relaxing workout routine a few years ago led to my decision to complete teacher training while living in Alexandria, Virginia. Since then, I have had the privilege of leading classes for others that have primarily centered on restorative holds and centering the mind to invite true rest.

I started this business because I love working with clients who are hungry for change! I know what it is to long for more connection in relationships and greater confidence to go after personal goals. As those close to me will tell you, when I manage to figure something out for myself, I am very happy to share it with others as well! If you choose to work with me, you will gain access to everything I have learned in my professional work and my personal journey. You, too, can learn to embrace truth and change, and be excited about just how far it can take you.

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Washington D.C. LICSW #LC50079629  Maryland LCSW-C #15358  New Mexico LCSW #C-10250

Washington D.C. LICSW #LC50079629

Maryland LCSW-C #15358

New Mexico LCSW #C-10250