Frequently Asked Questions


Counseling or Coaching?

If you reside in Washington D.C., Maryland, New Mexico or outside of the U.S., you have the option of receiving either counseling or coaching. Counseling may be a better fit for you if you are interested in doing further work on resolving issues from your past. A portion of your counseling fees may also be covered by out-of-network benefits through your insurance. Counseling services are protected by the code of ethics that outline my conduct as a clinical social worker, such as protecting your confidentiality and providing services within my areas of competence.

Coaching is likely to be a better fit for you if you are looking to receive support in formulating and achieving goals that move you forward in the life you desire for yourself. Coaching also allows you to maintain privacy around your wellness practices, rather than giving your insurance company access to your activities. Clients who seek coaching are generally functioning to an acceptable degree, but desire to maximize their level of life satisfaction.

If you are uncertain which service would better meet your needs at this time, don’t fret! We will assess this together during our consultation call.

What if i am currently experiencing a crisis?

Due to the nature of online counseling, I will not be able to provide you with services if you are experiencing a crisis such as suicidal or self-harming thoughts or behaviors, or any form of psychosis. Please Call the National Crisis Line at: 1-800-273-8255 or dial 911 if you are experiencing any of these symptoms or feel unsafe for any other reason. I am not a good fit for you if you are in need of prescriptions or management for psychotropic medications, as I do not perform this service. For your safety, I strongly advise you to seek therapeutic support at a local mental health agency if you have been experiencing any of the above.

How often do sessions need to occur?

Clients who engage in my services will be committed to weekly individual sessions. My experience as a therapist has shown me that consistent and active engagement is key in order for clients to achieve their desired outcomes. Weekly engagement allows me to provide you with accountability, generous encouragement and creative problem solving to better ensure your success. Decreased frequency of sessions can be arranged as goals are being reached and our therapeutic relationship draws to a close.

Are sessions held over skype?

Instead of Skype, I actually conduct video sessions using a HIPAA-compliant client portal, in order to better protect your right to privacy. The system I use also allows for secure messaging, so that you and I can guard your private health information. Once we successfully complete your initial consultation, I will send you a link for sessions through the client portal. You can also go to the “Schedule Appointment” tab to access the same site. You will not need to download any apps to use this portal for our sessions.

what kinds of therapy do you offer?

I primarily work from a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [CBT] and Mindfulness perspective. This means that I help my clients recognize the effects of their thoughts and beliefs on the circumstances they are currently trying to address, with special attention to how those beliefs affect their emotions and behavior choices. Helping clients stay mindful of themselves gives them greater control over how they choose to respond to opportunities or stressors. I use tools available from Dialectical Behavior Therapy [DBT] and Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy [TF-CBT] as appropriate, though these are not primary in my current work.

how does yoga come in to all this?

Well, this largely depends on your preference! I can offer simple yogic pranayama (breathing) and asanas (postures) that are appropriate to your current work in our counseling or coaching relationship. You can request more or less of this as desired; it is simply another tool that may help you to access certain parts of yourself or change your perspective in an area where you may feel stuck. I have personally experienced and frequently witnessed the positive emotional impact of a consistent yoga practice, and it was therefore important to me to offer this integration into the services I offer here.

How will i know if this service is working for me?

This is a great question, and is very similar to “How will I know when I am ready to be done?” There are actually a couple of ways to measure this. As your partner in mental wellness, I keep track of the goals you originally identify when we first start our work together. As we progress, I make sure we are hitting on the outcomes that are most important to you, and will review these with you regularly, I am most interested in helping you achieve what you desire as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. For some, goals may be met in as little as 5 to 8 sessions. For others, especially those with multiple goals in mind or those wanting to do a deeper dive into post-traumatic growth work, services will likely last longer.

I’m Definitely Committed to doing the work, but life happens! what if i need to cancel?

I understand that sometimes emergencies happen. In such cases, we will work together to find another time to conduct our sessions within the same week.